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Science lab

To supplement classroom learning with a variety of practical experiences in order to reinforce teaching.

Specimens of single cell and multi cellular animals.
Models and charts of Human physiology in different sense organs, Skeleton Systems.
Microscopes and Slides of plants and animal cells and a wide variety of other topics.
Dissecting tray and dissection box.
Models of parts of a plant, parts of a flower.

Common Balance
Electronic Balance
Simple Pendulum
Magnets, Prisms, Tuning Fork
Varner Callipers, Screw Gauge
Mirrors and Lenses

Round Bottom Flask, Test tubes
Colonial flask, cylinders,
Measuring Jars
Bunsen burners
Tripod Stands

Pipit Burret
Alkalies, Acids and Bases


By the child prodigy to make math fun and easy to learn.

Nischals Math Lab

To facilitate understanding of complex mathematical phenomena and make math a fun subject. Latest mathematical euipment designed by the child prodigy is available to the students. It includes the following equipment:

  • Napier's bone
  • Tangram
  • Abascus
  • Geometry Box
  • Fraction Models
  • 2 & 3 dimensional geo-shapes
  • Geo boards
  • Acyrilic dice with box
  • Perceptual calendar
  • Real Clock
  • Measuring weights , Scales, Thermometers
  • Weighing Scales

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